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July 2019


Ok, I couldn’t wait until August 1st to post my character reel/update this blog. So I’m doing it sooooo close to August 1st. That’s ok, right?

I have a lot of people to thank who helped me put this together. So I thought it was worth a blog.

So I got this idea that I should do an original character reel. I came up with some ideas, and I wrote 5 monologues. I asked my talented friend, Kate Owens, to be my accountability partner as I wrote them, and then I ask her to direct me when I filmed them. Kate is a brilliant actor, clown, and as it turns out, director. Check out her website here.

So Kate recruited Matt Kenny, an awesome cinematographer and producer, to film and edit my videos. The three of us had a blast on set, and took all day to film and play. It was a joy to work with both of them, and I hope I can again.

My friend Yates Webb agreed to record music for one of my characters, Mary the Tambourine Girl. I’d written this Mamas & the Papas parody song and I needed someone with skills to help it come to life. Yates was immediately down to help, cuz he’s a pal and a killer musician/artist. He recruited Sam Dallas and the two of them made this rockin’ 1960s track for me. They also have a bluegrass/country band together, The Sam Dallas Trio, so check them out here. They rock hard.

So today, I’m releasing my sizzle reel with all 5 characters. I’ll post the full monologues of the individual characters at a later date. I need to thank all my friends who gave me gentle notes and giggled at my tambourine drops: Nick Curley, Steven Czajkowski, Grace Experience, Helena Farhi, Joseph Manning, Jordan McDonough, John Racioppo, & Ariel Siedman-Wright. Thanks guys!

Please enjoy, like, share, etc, whatever. This was additionally just a fun excuse to write and act and make something. That’s really all I’m trying to do anyway: