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July 2019

Hi gang!

Happy Pride - I missed a June update. It’s been busy.

So the big update is I have a really cool show opening at Upright Citizen’s Brigade next week! It’s an improv show with a KILLER cast called The Dearly Departed, and I HIGHLY recommend you see it. Seriously, my castmates are so talented. It runs on Tuesday nights in July starting next week, July 9th at 10pm at UCB Hell’s Kitchen. We close July 30th so you have 4 chances.

Get tickets here

So yeah. I’m doing some weekend traveling and auditioning and working and trying to find friends with roofs to hang out on. There’s other fun stuff in the works, but it’s not ready yet! So I’ll let you know when it drops ok, please stop bothering me about it :p

Honestly though, summer gets me a little depressed. it’s probably the oppressive heat. Or it might be that it’s a time of a lot of transitions. I’m grateful to have so much support around me. Grateful for the people who stick with me, and chose me.

Whatever, enough of that vulnerability stuff. Go see my silly comedy show. Thanks gang <3

Hell’s Kitchen, baby

Hell’s Kitchen, baby