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October 2019

See? I promised I wouldn’t overwhelm you. I did two July posts and then zero posts for August and September. It’s called balance.

Wow! So much to talk about - I released all my original character videos over the course of September. Thank you all for watching and if you haven’t that’s cool. But you should watch them now. I created a little playlist with all of them right in a row, so do that here.

Part of why I didn’t write any updates in August and September is because my extremely talented friend and collaborator, Helena Farhi, and I wrote and produced and acted in a mini-webseries together, with the help of our amazing friends who volunteered their time and energy. It’s a real labor of love for us, and it’s very dumb. That’s pretty much my aesthetic. It’s a sequel to Potato & Button: A Journey Through Art, a little mockumentary we shot up in Maine while we worked on a show together. It’ll give you a flavor of what’s to come in Potato & Button Ride Again. We’ll give more details as we get closer to the release date, which is Monday, December 2nd.

So mark your calendars for 12/2/19, gang. We wrapped it and are in post production. We quite literally couldn’t have done it without our amazing friends, and now we need you to hold us accountable for releasing it on time.

We feel so loved and we are dropping this webseries on your ass - hold us to it and hold onto your butts


July 2019


Ok, I couldn’t wait until August 1st to post my character reel/update this blog. So I’m doing it sooooo close to August 1st. That’s ok, right?

I have a lot of people to thank who helped me put this together. So I thought it was worth a blog.

So I got this idea that I should do an original character reel. I came up with some ideas, and I wrote 5 monologues. I asked my talented friend, Kate Owens, to be my accountability partner as I wrote them, and then I ask her to direct me when I filmed them. Kate is a brilliant actor, clown, and as it turns out, director. Check out her website here.

So Kate recruited Matt Kenny, an awesome cinematographer and producer, to film and edit my videos. The three of us had a blast on set, and took all day to film and play. It was a joy to work with both of them, and I hope I can again.

My friend Yates Webb agreed to record music for one of my characters, Mary the Tambourine Girl. I’d written this Mamas & the Papas parody song and I needed someone with skills to help it come to life. Yates was immediately down to help, cuz he’s a pal and a killer musician/artist. He recruited Sam Dallas and the two of them made this rockin’ 1960s track for me. They also have a bluegrass/country band together, The Sam Dallas Trio, so check them out here. They rock hard.

So today, I’m releasing my sizzle reel with all 5 characters. I’ll post the full monologues of the individual characters at a later date. I need to thank all my friends who gave me gentle notes and giggled at my tambourine drops: Nick Curley, Steven Czajkowski, Grace Experience, Helena Farhi, Joseph Manning, Jordan McDonough, John Racioppo, & Ariel Siedman-Wright. Thanks guys!

Please enjoy, like, share, etc, whatever. This was additionally just a fun excuse to write and act and make something. That’s really all I’m trying to do anyway:

July 2019

Hi gang!

Happy Pride - I missed a June update. It’s been busy.

So the big update is I have a really cool show opening at Upright Citizen’s Brigade next week! It’s an improv show with a KILLER cast called The Dearly Departed, and I HIGHLY recommend you see it. Seriously, my castmates are so talented. It runs on Tuesday nights in July starting next week, July 9th at 10pm at UCB Hell’s Kitchen. We close July 30th so you have 4 chances.

Get tickets here

So yeah. I’m doing some weekend traveling and auditioning and working and trying to find friends with roofs to hang out on. There’s other fun stuff in the works, but it’s not ready yet! So I’ll let you know when it drops ok, please stop bothering me about it :p

Honestly though, summer gets me a little depressed. it’s probably the oppressive heat. Or it might be that it’s a time of a lot of transitions. I’m grateful to have so much support around me. Grateful for the people who stick with me, and chose me.

Whatever, enough of that vulnerability stuff. Go see my silly comedy show. Thanks gang <3

Hell’s Kitchen, baby

Hell’s Kitchen, baby

May 2019

It’s the most beautiful Saturday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend. New York has been giving me some big magic, as I sit outside in a little Astoria coffee shop.

It’s a quick little update, because I’ve got projects I’m not announcing yet.

Things I can announce: my webseries, The Short Life of Diane Hunte, was selected at the end of April for Always Happy Video Comedy Bop! It was featured in the New York Times here. So that’s cool. You can also watch it here. Although why you haven’t watched it yet is beyond me…

I’m in a show at the PIT Loft with one of my improv teams, The Red Team on Thursday May 30th, at 9:30pm. Tickets are $8 and available here. If you are in town and would like to see me ‘prov, you are welcome to come. It is guaranteed to be silly and made-up.

Also, I was accepted into Upright Citizen Brigade’s Academy (which is basically advanced study classes you audition to get into). I’m starting a really cool performance class next week, taught by Christopher A Scott. I’m really excited about it and I’ll post about our class shows as we get closer. Gotta put my intern credits to good use!

I hope you are having a really great holiday weekend. Hug your people (and other animals) close.

Pretty cool, right? We were in one of these 5 comedy shows…

Pretty cool, right? We were in one of these 5 comedy shows…

April 2019

Imma be better about updating this, k? I say that now…No really, I will! I’m starting a monthly newsletter to keep people in the loop. It’ll be once a month and I promise not to spam you. BUT if I added you and you don’t want that in your inbox, go ahead and unsubscribe.

I promise to take it as a huge personal affront.


I’ve signed with an agent! I’m so excited to start working with Traci Lynn Luthy at Bona Fide Artists! I’m thrilled to be part of the team and can’t wait to make lots of money with them!

I’ve been sitting on this for a while until the papers were signed, but I’m beyond excited to share this new with you guys.

I also want to say that I’m overwhelmed with the support for my webseries, The Short Life of Diane Hunte, which I released last month! So many of you liked, and shared, and subscribed and told me really nice things about it. I’m so fecking grateful. Truly. Thanks guys.

If you haven’t seen it yet, why not check it out here. Ask anybody, it will take you 12 minutes to watch all 8 episodes. It’ll be fun.

I’ve got another big announcement! I’m in a hilarious, bizarre webseries called LOOKING FOR FUN(BAGS), by Mischief Films. It’s based on a really brilliant play that my college bud, Vincent S. Hannam wrote. It can be watched here, and I think you’ll find it’s a subversive little sex comedy. Who doesn’t want that? Watch it here!

Season 2? Hopefully!

In non-actor related news (what a relief), I just started volunteering at Muddy Paws Rescue NYC. They are a really wonderful non-profit, foster-based rescue organization working here in New York. They really put the dogs first and have a supportive group of animal welfare staff and volunteers. Check them out and remember #adoptdontshop!

Have a great month. Thanks for all the love gang. I’m sending it back <3

I signed with this killer agency! Wahoo!

I signed with this killer agency! Wahoo!