Here's what I've been up to recently!

October 2019

See? I promised I wouldn’t overwhelm you. I did two July posts and then zero posts for August and September. It’s called balance.

Wow! So much to talk about - I released all my original character videos over the course of September. Thank you all for watching and if you haven’t that’s cool. But you should watch them now. I created a little playlist with all of them right in a row, so do that here.

Part of why I didn’t write any updates in August and September is because my extremely talented friend and collaborator, Helena Farhi, and I wrote and produced and acted in a mini-webseries together, with the help of our amazing friends who volunteered their time and energy. It’s a real labor of love for us, and it’s very dumb. That’s pretty much my aesthetic. It’s a sequel to Potato & Button: A Journey Through Art, a little mockumentary we shot up in Maine while we worked on a show together. It’ll give you a flavor of what’s to come in Potato & Button Ride Again. We’ll give more details as we get closer to the release date, which is Monday, December 2nd.

So mark your calendars for 12/2/19, gang. We wrapped it and are in post production. We quite literally couldn’t have done it without our amazing friends, and now we need you to hold us accountable for releasing it on time.

We feel so loved and we are dropping this webseries on your ass - hold us to it and hold onto your butts