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April 2019

Imma be better about updating this, k? I say that now…No really, I will! I’m starting a monthly newsletter to keep people in the loop. It’ll be once a month and I promise not to spam you. BUT if I added you and you don’t want that in your inbox, go ahead and unsubscribe.

I promise to take it as a huge personal affront.


I’ve signed with an agent! I’m so excited to start working with Traci Lynn Luthy at Bona Fide Artists! I’m thrilled to be part of the team and can’t wait to make lots of money with them!

I’ve been sitting on this for a while until the papers were signed, but I’m beyond excited to share this new with you guys.

I also want to say that I’m overwhelmed with the support for my webseries, The Short Life of Diane Hunte, which I released last month! So many of you liked, and shared, and subscribed and told me really nice things about it. I’m so fecking grateful. Truly. Thanks guys.

If you haven’t seen it yet, why not check it out here. Ask anybody, it will take you 12 minutes to watch all 8 episodes. It’ll be fun.

I’ve got another big announcement! I’m in a hilarious, bizarre webseries called LOOKING FOR FUN(BAGS), by Mischief Films. It’s based on a really brilliant play that my college bud, Vincent S. Hannam wrote. It can be watched here, and I think you’ll find it’s a subversive little sex comedy. Who doesn’t want that? Watch it here!

Season 2? Hopefully!

In non-actor related news (what a relief), I just started volunteering at Muddy Paws Rescue NYC. They are a really wonderful non-profit, foster-based rescue organization working here in New York. They really put the dogs first and have a supportive group of animal welfare staff and volunteers. Check them out and remember #adoptdontshop!

Have a great month. Thanks for all the love gang. I’m sending it back <3

I signed with this killer agency! Wahoo!

I signed with this killer agency! Wahoo!