Deirdre Manning is a New York-based actor. Occasionally, she is a New York-based human as well.

Actor. Singer. Dancer. Writer. Director. Puppy Kisser.

Deirdre Manning was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in Oviedo, Florida. She decided to pursue performing, for better or for worse, when she was in high school in Florida Theatrical and Broadway Across America’s Broadway’s Class Act. She attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and graduated with honors with her BFA in Musical Theatre and minors in Environmental Science and Dance.

Deirdre spent the year following graduation as an Acting Apprentice at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, Deirdre was been cast as Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty, The Muse in An Iliad,  and appeared in the Cincinnati Fringe Festival with the rest of the ETC Apprentice Class in the regional premiere of Caryl Churchill's Love and Information. Some other credits include Man of La Mancha (Antonia) at the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, going on tour with Hampstead Stage Company, The Tempest (Miranda), Eurydice (Eurydice), Side Show (Violet Hilton), Into the Woods (Rapunzel), Bury the Dead (Bess), Shipwrecked! (Actor), Stop Kiss (Callie), and more.

Deirdre has recently branched out beyond acting into directing and playwriting. Deirdre is the lyricist of Sharknami: The Musical?, which made its world premiere at the Orlando International Fringe Festival in 2014. She's currently writing a screenplay that will was submitted to the 2017 Moondance Film Festival.

Deirdre is grateful for her Mum and Dad, who have (relatively) calmly supported her through all of the craziness. Deirdre is a big fan of her twin brother, Joseph, who is in Boston saving the world from environmental destruction. In her free time, Deirdre enjoys cooking, baking and mostly, eating. She also likes reading, writing, hiking, campaigning for non-profits, and of course, Netflix-ing. She is a millenial, after all.